About us

Our history

Happy Sausages Ltd (HSL) was established in 1990 and incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.212) initiative between German based Hanns- Seidel-Foundation or Hanns Seidal Stiftung eV as it is currently known and local Tanzanian entrepreneurs led by the late Mr. Andrew G. Mollel, whose objective was to establish a meat processing plant in the main tourist hub in Arusha.


The aim of establishing such an enterprise was based on the need to stimulate the local livestock keeping sector as well as cut reliance on imported processing meats for both the tourist market and local Tanzania market by producing high quality sausages, Hams, Bacons and Prime cuts. From the outset the founders shared a belief in promoting industrialization as well as building home grown brands and over the next thirty years have built Happy Sausages Ltd to become the leading meat processing company in Tanzania with a much loved and respected brand distributed to millions of customers across Tanzania and Zanzibar Islands.

What we do

Happy Sausages Ltd (HSL) is involved in training and uplifting livestock keepers by providing a reliable year-round market for their produce and offering above market prices in order to incentivize them to improve animal husbandry and meet and exceed our stringent requirements. HSL improves the livelihood of livestock keepers as many are pastoralists who rely on HSL to meet their daily needs by supplying good quality animals. Furthermore, HSL has established strategic partnerships with feedlots and small entrepreneurs in order to secure good quality livestock even during the notoriously dry seasons which affect the quality of livestock from pastoralists.

Meet our team

HSL has extensive experience and capability in managing various meat processing projects locally, our technically qualified staff and detailed knowledge inclined superiors makes sure the ideas and development are implemented in all our projects and tasks. Our experienced Customer Service personnels are able to effectively communicate and interact with our customers thus making their event a smooth, hassle free process.

Andrew Mollel

Company Founder

Mosses Wahome


Stephen Mollel

Stephen Mollel


Derrick Mollel

Managing Director

Charles Hotay

General Manager

Stephano Nikodem

Financial Accountant

John Jengo

Production Manager

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